Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 81: Breaking Morning Bread

Some things take some tweaking before they start to fall into place. As I mentioned a few days ago, Vic and I have to be better about eating breakfast. Then I started thinking, if breakfast is in fact “the most important meal of the day,” then shouldn’t the entire household be eating breakfast? Not just the kids, or me and the kids, but me AND Dom AND the kids. Ahhhh, something else to plan!! (You know this means another list! (or maybe not. I am discovering that too many lists make me weary. Who’d’a thunk it?))

I’ve decided that our morning routine is open enough to include breakfast for the entire family at 7:00. And I generally mean a cooked breakfast. Tuesday we had pancakes - some with chocolate chips in them. And they were mighty good!! As we sat down to bless our breakfast, Victoria asked why we were blessing it at all. As she explained after seeing our bewildered looks, “We only say the blessing at dinner!”

Well, now you see my shortcomings.

So I explained to my darling daughter that we should say the blessing every time we eat, not just at dinner. I think this breakfast thing will have two benefits: 1) everyone eating a good meal to start the day, and 2) more family time and table-talk. More opportunities to share ritual and routine with these people who mean the very most to me. I have noticed that routine supplies peace and calm to the home. It gives the kids a sense of comfort, and quite frankly it keeps me from sailing head-first off the deep end.

True, this makes for another menu to plan, but I’m up for it. Anything that makes us slow down and enjoy each other is alright by me!

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