Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 86: EEP! I Get to Have a Garden!!

Since reading and learning all about foods and our consumption of them, I have nurtured a desire to have my own vegetable garden. But, given my past experience with wilted, non-watered plants (remember Day 75?) and the fact that we have a plethora of other plans for our backyard, I had no idea if this garden idea would even fly with Dom. I pitched it as we sat outside enjoying some cool September shade this weekend (shade which didn’t last long enough, if you ask us!)

Dom was all for the idea of growing our own vegetables. I am so excited about researching ways to make sure my veggies include all the nutrients they are supposed to have. I recently learned that most of our veggies have decreased in nutritional value over the last 60 years…by like, 70%. Is that scary, or what? Broccoli isn’t as healthy as it used to be because mass-producers are just interested in getting a big, pretty crop and they’ll stop at nothing to achieve that which will sell. And of course, we’re going to buy the bigger, redder tomato even though it tastes like cardboard because that’s how we’ve been trained to shop. It’s really just a sad, sad shame.

But back to my veggie garden… Dom suggested where we should plant the garden, based on the sunshine in our yard and our future plans for other portions of our yard. I get to plan a 12x5 garden where I hope to grow tomatoes, green beans, squash, herbs, cucumbers, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

This will make handy use of the extra landscape bricks we have leftover from last summer. Dom agreed with my idea of spending the fall and winter preparing the soil so that we can begin planting for the spring season. We will start removing sod in one section of the yard next month, and I’ll take pictures all along the way. And I want to do it up right! So I’ve asked Santa for a composter and some organic gardening supplies for Christmas.

And yes, I’ll need a decorative fence to keep the Mabel-meister at bay!!

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