Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 91: GEE-mail

I’m a pretty tidy email user. When actively involved in an email account, such as the one at work, you will find that I limit my inbox messages to only those that I need to deal with currently. Any messages that I need to save get put into handy folders with appropriate follow-up tags. If a message has no further active use, but needs to be saved for potential future reference, it gets PDF’ed and put on the server for access by those who may need it. My inbox usually has 1-15 messages in it. If I top 20, I panic and start cleaning out. This, of course, relates mostly to my email at work.

I am not this good at home. (Jill is smiling right now!!)

My email at home could be renamed OMG-mail because I have so much of it. I have made strides in the last few days to clean up my inbox, which had an atrocious 79 messages in it. The problem (as best I can identify it) is that when I find good sites for natural living and recipes and such, I subscribe! I have subscribed to so much stuff that I now have an inordinate amount of subfolders in order to categorize all of the information I’m receiving. It’s good information. And someday, I’ll have the time to read it.

I need to go through the mailbox and move all recipes into another format. At some point in the near future when this site gets moved over to WordPress and has its own domain (soon to be I will store recipes here. (Won’t that be FUN?!) Then they won’t be taking up room in my mailbox. And seriously, how much good can a recipe do from inside my e-mailbox? Zilch. Zero. Zip.

Movin’ on…I need to clear out all email items from the last two school years. Cheer calendars, teacher correspondence and Accelerated Reader email reports. Seriously? Yes. I have kept them all.

It is now increasingly necessary, as I clear clutter from my everyday life, to clear out the mailbox and get it to a nice trim size once again. It will take some serious dedication to the task. You know what they say about Rome...


  1. You would have a stroke if you saw my inboxes.

    I am always that person who overloads their box to the point that I can't send and receive messages anymore. I think I need some more organization in my life.

  2. Jess, sounds like you, Jill and Elaine have this in common. :0 LOL!