Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 92: Just a Little Moment of Ahhhhhhh…

I learned something this weekend. Something I already knew, but just needed a little reminder when things got rough.

As I mentioned on Sunday, I made THE SCHEDULE for our weekends, at which every eye rolled. Great. Mom’s got another idea. It looked for about an hour as if I had made a dreadfully devastating decision to schedule our precious personal free-time, rest-time, whatever-you-want-to-do-this-weekend time. Whatever everyone else thought, I thought I had stepped in it BIG TIME.

While my family rolled their eyes, I rolled out the schedule with my most cheerful, “isn’t-this-a-great-idea” voice. Weekend breakfasts (yes, I’m even giving up sleeping in), a couple of hours of chore time, some game time, lunch time, some reading and relaxing time, a little more game time, more chore time, homework time, dinner time, evening chore time, and - last but not least – a final dose of game time.

So why all the sad faces? Why the betrayed looks that say I just took what little bit of happiness these people had and crushed it into the dirt? Why the misty eyes when I say, “we’re gonna chill on the games for just a bit so we can focus on healthier things…”??

Why? Because we LOVE you. (sing along…)

Despite an hour of gloomy looks and hung heads, despite my cajoling and annoying pep talks, despite my final exasperated OH-I-GIVE-UP!, before the day was over I was reminded why I love these people so much. They really do get it. They may not always like it, but they get it. The importance of these changes is not lost on them.

Shortly after a rather quiet lunch, Aaron eyed the schedule and began looking for a book to read. He settled on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, which I had recently replaced following Mabel’s attempt to read, er, eat Harry. I loaded up both of their iPods with the audio version so they could follow along, and for the next two hours both kids were engrossed in reading. Did you catch that? EN-GROSSED!!!! After reading, they helped with the laundry and after an hour of well-deserved gaming, they followed up with evening chores and bedtime.

It was at bedtime that I realized what an amazing impact we have on each other in these four walls. Aaron threw his arms around me and said, “I love you Mommy. I had a great day today. Reading was super fun and I like the changes you’re making.”

And all I could muster while blinking REALLY fast was, “Thanks, sweetie. I definitely love you too! SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!”


  1. You are Mary Poppins!

    Also, I'm bringing you the audio for The Graveyard Book. :)

  2. Good for you, Lori! And your kids are SO SWEET!!

  3. @Jess: LOL! My mom is the original Mary Poppins. I love it!
    @BG: Aww, thanks, Kelly. They really are gems. Wiggly gems... ;)