Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 14: Natural Done Backfired on Da Girl!

Okay, okay. I should have known this was going to happen. In my quest to try all these new products I’ve found I got a little carried away and paid for it dearly, even though none of my coworkers called me out on it. (Thanks, ladies and gents.)

On weekends lately I have been letting my hair air-dry. Mom and I both noticed that I had quite a bit more body in my hair on these days, and just a tad more frizz than I was accustomed to. Just to catch you up to speed on me: my hair usually lays flat against my wee-little head unless I have a drugstore-army-stock of styling products layered into it. I tend to keep my ‘80s hair in an effort to keep my head from looking like an English pea sitting atop my shoulders. It’s all in my imagination, I’m sure. Yeah…just wait till you see me with a wet head.

…Which almost happened today! I purchased a tiny bottle of jojoba oil this weekend at the health food store, thinking that it would be a good ingredient in my sunless tanner recipe. (Stay tuned for that project!) But, when I read about jojoba oil and learned that it was an excellent hair and scalp conditioner, I decided to just brush a tiny amount into my wet hair on Sunday morning to see if it freaked my hair out. No freaking from the backside of my hair, which is the only place I allowed the oil to go, but I also didn’t see any great benefit. (In retrospect, how could I have seen? It was the bleepin’ back of my head!)

I am now two days into using a new shampoo, and these “natural ingredient” shampoos don’t lather as much as our chemical-ridden concoctions. Less lather and fewer chemicals means my hair isn’t slathered with smoothing agents as I rinse. So, when I towel dried my hair before venturing outside to do my yoga with the dogs, my hair felt a bit harsh. No problem, I thought…I’ll just dab a little jojoba oil into it and I should regain that smooth feel, plus get the benefit of having such a good oil in my hair.

Oil in my hair. Dear God.

While my hair was wet, it felt great. All through my yoga (which is another long story) as I brushed it out of my face, I noticed a softer texture and was completely convinced that it was going to be a good hair day. I was so, so wrong.

When I came back inside to blow-dry my hair it actually dried, but it never looked dry. Ever. I even rolled it, teased it, and sprayed the fire out of it, all to no avail. It limped in heavy, clumpy curls all around my face. Yuck.

I managed to somewhat style it at mom’s house before leaving – late – for work. Mom suggested that I inform our payroll manager that he could be grateful I was still wearing deodorant. (Our payroll manager explicitly laid down the deodorant rule when I began this “natural” adventure. LOL!) By the time I got to work, I could feel my oil-curled bangs drooping into my eyes, and I could stand no more. I ventured to the ladies’ room armed with a heavy-duty hair claw and my sunglasses. (Sunglasses have proven to be an excellent hair accessory, in case you were wondering. The hair claw? Well, it is aptly named.) Turns out I didn’t need the sunglasses. I managed to pouf my bangs up on top of my head and secure them with the claw. Success! I spent the rest of the day watching the minutes crawl by and praying no one would ask what was “up” with my hair. Suffice it to say that I won’t be using the jojoba oil trick again – at least not on a day I plan to see anyone. And I can’t wait to wash my hair tonight.

At the rate I’m going, you might be inclined to place bets on the sunless tanner project. At least there is some measure of comfort in the words of the immortal Scarlett O’Hara: “Tomorrow is another day!”

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